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Emma's 8 Week progression

"Incredible! I approached Michelle after losing 2st on my own and struggling to get the results I wanted. Michelle put together a bespoke meal and exercise plan just for me. I’m going into my 10th week with her and have lost over a stone and my body is more toned than ever. She teaches you how to change your mindset towards exercise and food so it’s not a diet but a change in lifestyle. She’s there whenever you need her and nothing is too much trouble. Could not recommend enough. Thank you Michelle!"

Emma Stonham, 8 week progress

"Michelle is Amazing and has completely changed my life. Overall I feel so much better in myself. My clothes fit so much better and I have gone down a dress size in only 9 WEEKS!! I feel so much more confident and comfortable in clothes I have not worn for a while or thought I wouldn't fit back into. I sleep so much better and am much less tired. I feel so much more energetic and actually enjoy working out, it makes me feel great after too! 
I have a positive relationship with food now and I have gained a real understanding of what works well for me and how to fuel my body the right way. Thank you so much Michelle! I am carrying on with Michelle's live, weekly workouts to keep me accountable."

Natasha Lear, 9 week progress


"I have lost 11.5" from my body in just 4 weeks! I am so happy and feel so much more energised. I am never hungry and have already learnt so much more about portion sizes. I thought we were eating relatively healthy but knowing how much to put on our plate makes a difference.
I am now up and done before 7am, I would rarely have gotten up before 6am and worked out before I started with Michelle and now I look forward to it. Exercise is done before the day even really begins. Looking forward to seeing the progress with the rest of my journey not only physically but mentally"

Lilly Hopkins, 4 week progress

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