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Join Michelle... Why?

Mindset is the thing holding back over 80% of the clients I work with and that is my main focus in my programs is Mindset PLUS why my plans work so incredibly well. 

YOU ARE …an overachiever but perhaps might not think you are, because nothing you do is ever quite good enough. You’re hard on yourself and you’re your own worst critic because everything needs to be perfect, especially your food choices and your body.

When it’s not perfect, you fall off the wagon think “f*ck it!” and consume all of isle 14 from your local supermarket. (Isle 14 being the chocolate, crisp, bakery or bread aisle 🙃) You go all in eating all the things that you’ve previously banned to excess, yet when you’re full, you practically force-feed yourself because you know that you’re going to be starting another diet again on Monday “must get it all in now whilst I’m allowed!” AKA last supper syndrome.

You feel shit about yourself for doing this over and over and over again. When you make a promise to yourself that you’re “going to stick to it this time” you mean it with every cell of your being… until those cravings hit you like a ton of bricks and you cave in again. The more diets you go on and fail, the less you trust yourself to stick to anything. You feel like a big fat failure. You can’t stand the way you look, the size of your thighs, belly, arms, bum, face, you feel heavy and shitty in your body and you just want out of these god awful feelings of despair, failure and self-loathing.


There's another way

You’re constantly comparing yourself to other women who are slimmer, leaner, fitter, prettier, whatever-er than you and you can’t stop. You can’t watch a movie without being jealous as hell of the main actress… “I mean why do they always have to zoom in on her incredibly perfect body?!” You know that all you need to do is to just STICK TO A DIET like you managed to do all those years ago. “It worked then. It’s got to work now. Why can’t I just conjure up enough willpower to stick to the god damn diet? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!”

*Spoiler alert, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just think there is! But I get it. I have been there! There’s a way out I promise!

If you want to stop being consumed by constant thoughts of food and your body then you need to start by taking some of my courses to get the ball rolling and think about 1-2-1 coaching if you need that extra support, personal approach and bespoke, individual knowledge. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made and I don’t say that lightly.

I am ready when you are, you now have some options. You can complete my enquiry form and I will come back to you personally within 24 hours, whatsapp me to chat, or check out my podcast to listen to more about my coaching and get some more nuggets of info


Your Coach, Michelle xx






I will help you to create healthy, log-lasting habits that you can incorporate into everyday life whilst achieving your goals physique and mindset too, Let's break through those barriers together that have been holding you back.

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Starts 1st May,


Tailored Training Plan

Suited to you and your busy lifestyle

Your training plan will be tailored to you, your goals, your time avaliable, home or gym exercise plus including any extra curricular activities you choose to do such as swimming, & I will hold you accountable to them.


We are constantly assessing your progress and not only ensuring you are getting the most out of it but that you are enjoying it! Exercise is not a punishment.

Client Transformations & Testimonials

Join Michelle... Why?

Wondering whether you should sign up? 

Check out my video.

Look forward to hearing from you

  • Is there a minimum time you would reccomend coaching?
    It really does depend on you as a client. Most of my clients are with me from 6 to 12 months. I have a minimum term of 3 months for all of my programs. I am not a miracle worker and cannot support and coach you to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in less time than that. I do pride myself on teaching you everything you know within the first 12 months and then any graduation plan you choose after this time if your choice.
  • Can I exercise at home & how much fitness experience do I need?
    Yes I can tailor your plan for no equipment or any amount you may have at home. When we have our initial chat we talk about all of this. You can be an rugular gym goer to a complete beginner, I tailor the plan to you so you progress at your pace. The plans I create show you exactly how each exercise is performed. If you are every unsure, I am always here
  • Do you cater for alleries/ intolerances/ preferences?
    Yes I cater for all of these needs and preferences when I create your meal plan, I also take into not just your preferences but anyone you live with too because no one wants to be making 3 different meals each night! It is all about making it easy to fit into your life & helping you to make it sustainable.
  • How is a payment taken? Is it Upfront or Monthly?
    Payment is taken monthly by direct debit, you don't even have to think about it, it is as easy as having a Netflix subscription
  • How will I track your progress?
    With my app that you will download onto your phone or tablet. We track not only your measurements and photos but also how you are feeling, your energy, your motivation and any cravings. We track how you are progressing towards your goals and we can adapt things along the way as we may need to.
  • What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?
    In simple terms, none. Depending on your goals and fitness experience you may not require any equipment for the first few months and then we can gradually introduce some. This may be things as simple as water bottle or dumbells, resistance bands and kettlebells. However this is something I am here to guide you on every step of the way. If using equipment is alien to you or you are sceptical about it we will discuss everything before putting it into a plan for you. To start with all you need is you, me and a stack of positive attitude
  • Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance & diet plan?
    No, this is all included in the price. I also include 1-2-1 calls/videos as part of the price as well as weekly check in's. I will create a tailored fitness and nutritional plan that we will work through together and ensure that any recipes and food fits with your dietary requirements, lifestyle and your time commitments. ​ I am here to work with you, to be your personal cheerleader and support you every step of the way. I will hold you accountable to your goals that we will set together and make sure they are something that will drive you, get you excited and get you with both feet on the path we are creating.
  • How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym or a YouTuber?
    I do not take on 100's of clients. I am very selective with who I work with. I will only take on a client if we both feel we are a good match. I have a very personal approach and will work with my clients on a 1-2-1 basis through regular calls/video chats, texts, whatsapps etc. I have a nutritional qualification as well as personal trainer qualification which a gym instructor will not and some fitness people on YouTube are not qualified to instruct on exercises. ​ I work with YOU and ensure that we overcome every hurdle TOGETHER, we will get you to your goal and beyond! ​ I create a custom nutritional and exercise plan for YOU, it is not a template that is adapted for each client. We will discuss all of your likes and dislikes for all exercise and food so that we can ensure the plans are something you can incorporate into your lifestyle without feeling like a drastic change all at once. ​ You get what you pay for, I am here to help you every step of the way. If you want a free Youtube workout I can recommend loads, pop me a message. If you need more than this, that is what I created my business for. I was stuck, I didn't know who to turn to and how to get the help I felt I needed, I didn't want to be just another number to someone who didn't care whether I succeeded or not. I joined lots of plans and programs, non worked how I wanted them to, non had that personal touch. I got myself qualified, I learnt along the way, had lots of trial clients and in 2020 Michelle Motivates Ltd was born! I pride myself on every changing and adapting my business to my clients needs.

More FAQs here

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